Saturday, June 26, 2010

"To me, New York was Jackson Pollock sipping vodka and dripping paint onto a raw canvas." Edie Sedgewick

Edie Sedgwick (April 20, 1943 - November 16, 1971 was known as an American Actress, socialite, model and heiress and most importantly; she was famous for being Andy Warhol's muses.

I idolise her unique sense of fashion which went against what society considered to be acceptable at the time. Her uniformed look would consist of black leotards, mini dresses and large chandelier earrings.

Her sense of fashion then is still apparent till this very day with mini dresses and leotard storming at it's peak. I absolutely adore the photographs of Edie during her career. She always looked so natural and comfortable in her own skin despite her personal struggle with anorexia.

The photographs have inspired me to test out my manual film camera which my dad had passed on to me. I hope to be able create the same effect like the images you see hear.


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