Saturday, June 5, 2010

Karl Lagerfeld

Besides practising my photographic work during my spare time, I have a love of reading biographies. Reading about people's lives and going through their journey to meet their dream is always so inpiring to me. It makes everything seem so reachable and everything impossible possible!

Today, I was reading Karl Lagerfeld. It all started off with Lagerfeld winning first prize at a wool contest, where he became Pierre Balmain's design assistant at a young age of 17. Three years in, he had become and art director for Jean Patou, wher he had deepen his knowledge in history, architecture, music and french.

Perfume had become as important as fashion for Lagerfeld, which had triggered him to launch "CHLOE" in 1975. His initiative made him the first designer to brand a scent globally before having a fashion label! After this success came more perfume labels to add to name.

By 1984, he created his own "KARL LAGERFELD" line whilst collaborating with the house of CHANEL and signed in new collaborations with CHLOE!

Like me, Karl Hagerfeld had a passion for photography and decided to move behind the lens in 1987 and build up his own advertising campaigns. These campaign had become part of a book and his talent led him to do photo shoots for prestigous magazines as one of his very many jobs.

Karl Lagerfeld is a man of many talents. His passion is what drove his success. He adapted more than one skill and used it to his advantage!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hope that one day....I will be just as talented as Lagerfeld himself!

Below are Karl Lagerfeld's most recent collection. They look absolutely divine!



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