Monday, July 5, 2010

Salute to the Military!

Winter this year finally has a new face! The military boot has defended the norm by adding a bolder, stronger and tougher look to the cold weather........with comfort ofcourse!

Embraced by celebrities, models and designer the military inspired boot has given the most feminine outfits a bolder and stronger edge! It's like reliving 90210 in the good old days where Kelly would wear light brown lace up boots with floral dresses.

This year, I'm loving the emphasis on leather and bold structures and shoudler pads. hat I lve most is the fact that looking good doesn't come at a cost of feeling painful. The military boot is insulated to encapsulate heat and have a shock resistant sole. Well cushioned and is definitely heaven on your feet!

I recently got the roc military boot (above) as a gift and would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone!

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