Saturday, November 20, 2010

Disney Couture Collection - Believe

As a child, I grew up believing in dragons, princesses, fairytales, pirates, wicked witches, the frog prince and beautiful castles with fireworks igniting every night! I lived a childhood filled with story telling, dreams and imagination! Life was so simple...

I'm sure like a lot of people I know, Disney films had a major impact on them whilst growing up. Disney made me believe the impossible! It brought me to a world of sparkly lights and possibilities. With my busy schedule, I forgot those moments existed until I saw a little girl in a snow white costume at the local shopping mall. It made me realise that those moments can still be apparent if I want it to be, most importantly .... I had the chance to believe

Disney isn't limited to childhood dreams, as a much older individual, I can still have the moment to reminisce the past experiences with the Disney Couture Collection. I don't understand how this had surpassed me but my heart melted when I saw the collection. Each piece is plated in 14ct gold and represents a Disney Film.

I discovered these pieces on ASOS and are currently in my cart, getting ready to purchased right now. I'm so so so EXCITED!!!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

An ASOS Obsession

Pretty jewels, intricate belts, soft fabric, long flowly dresses, structured proportions and a step into a head turning room: welcome to my obsession of the online shopping world of ASOS!

I was never one to shop online when it came to clothes. I was the kind of person that needed to be involved in the whole process of buying an item where I had to feel the garment on me before a purchase. To figure out whether it was going to be a love/hate relationship based on my first bond with an item. Then, a good friend of mine introduced me to ASOS.

The moment I started browsing the store, it felt like love for the first time! I was drawn to the screen and I couldn't get enough! Page after page of beautiful garments...suitable for absolutely ANY occasion!

It was hard to say NO to purchasing! So I did it!. As a trial, I started of ordering 5 items as a part of me was still concerned about sizing, fabric and feel.

The day my order had arrived, I was unravelling the item like a kid on christmas day! I was so excited! To my surprise, everything fit perfectly and the fabric...AMAZING!

I have jumped on the ASOS bandwagon and I'm never heading off.

So I thought I'd share this site for those who are interested in taking a piece of asos: