Monday, June 21, 2010

Coco Avant Chanel

I was trying to find myself a surge of inspiration and got this film to feel that. I wanted to feel motivated and to be more creative and this movie had made me utterly dissapointed.

Coco Avant Chanel is about her life before she started the Chanel empire. The process of the film is quite slow and you aren't given much insight into her passion as a designer. Personally I saw her view to fashion as a devotion instead. This notion isn't exactly a terribly bad thing, but you can't help but wonder whether she was ever interested in design and fashion after the film.

Fate, desperation and independance were the main drivers that helped her become the designer she is and believing that all women didn't have to wear corsets and bustiers to look beautiful to men.

What I did like though, is her stubborness to conform to society's expectations. She refused to wear what was in trend and would only wear what she believed to be comfortable. She refused to look alluring to the male eye and chose to be covered and mysterious instead. Her individual nature is reflected through the empire she started that still carries her name till this very day.

Even though I wasn't captured by the pace of the movie, Chanel had inspired me through her beliefs, stubborness and extravagant sense of style throughout the film

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  1. Loved this film! The style in it was simply darling, and her story is truly inspiring!