Saturday, May 29, 2010

Moore Park

Today I was at the Ultimate Bridal Show at Moore Park. Lot of very many soon to be brides with the most romantic collection of music being played. You couldn't help but feel all joyful and mellow. I have never seen so many glowing and happy people all under one roof!

Just so you know, I am not a soon to be bride. I was there to enjoy the experience cos I love wedding as well as to photograph the show. Unfortunatly I wasn't allowed to take any due to copyright and legal issues enforced by the event! I was bummed, but still embraced the experience.

The photograph you see here is me outside the event. It was the closest I got to taking a photo.
Since I knew I would be surrounded by glowing soon to be brides, I thought I would dress in the brightest colours to suit the occasion!

Here I am wearing my most comfortable RMK heels, bright ruffled Forever New skirt, Sportsgirl bangle, Diva accessories, Temt blazer and Revenge singlet.

I went on a major shopping spree over the last 2 weeks, so there will be many more photos coming up!


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