Monday, May 24, 2010

Fast and Glamorous: The People that Matter

This is my last post on the Lifeline Event. Here, I wanted to reflect on the big personalities that have definitely affected my visions and goals for the future. These people may not know it, but they are the ones that have inspired me to keep moving forward and to pursue my dreams. They have made the impossible seem possible and for that, I am forever grateful

The amazing people who had made the Lifeline night possible. Third from the left is Simone Cozens. She is a professional make-up artist and organiser of the Lifeline event. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to take the photographs I did. She could have easily said no, but instead she was welcoming and more than happy to give the chance to get out there. It was a huge privilege to be given the experience.

This is me with the MASTER/SLAVE Team. They made my experience at Lifeline a memorable one. They were so nurturing and inspiring to be with. I love the passion they have in their work, The MASTER/SLAVE team have definitely inspired and motivated me to find my passion and enjoy each moment of my life, no matter what path it takes me. It is uncommon to find such an amazing team that are willing to support you and I found that in MASTER/SLAVE.
These 2 amazing people from Moonlight Photography and Zar Productions have inspired me to pursue my love of photography. It is rare to find such great photographers and film makers that are willing to take a moment to make you a part of their experience. Alex Zar and his wife did just that and I am definitely grateful to have met them.
Thanks to MASTER/SLAVE I won a photograph, shot by Creative Director Tim Gratton. He is a man of many talents and his work is sitting on my wall right this moment! I absolutely love it!

The ever so stylish, MASTER/SLAVE Team
Roderick and Suzy on the red couches at Lifeline

These bulked up men have their bodies painted by Tim Gratton. It almost looks real!

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