Sunday, May 16, 2010


One of my biggest highlights at Fashion Weekend was meeting Couture Fashion Designers: Eleni Kondos and Roderick Ning. The partners in crime behind the label MASTER/SLAVE.

They were not only talented and creative; but very approachable. Upon talking to them, I could feel their knowledge and passion leap out through their works. They make an amazing team and are definitely a huge inspiration to me.

MASTER/SLAVE provides a holistic perspective to fashion and design. They have a huge focus on practicality and functionality which makes their work so popular amongst the stars.

MASTER/SLAVE started 6 years ago with 2 friends combing their individual goals and ambitions together to create the label: MASTER/SLAVE. They have "maintained a pure and idealistic mode of fashion-creation in a world of tough commercial realities."

With endless creativity, Master/Slave have been well known to the public as fashion for the stars. They are the fashion experts and provide consultation to ensure the perfect look is delivered. They have dressed many well known celebrities such as Delta Goodrem, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Dean Geyer, Jessica Mauboy and Catherine McNeil just to name a few.

Roderick and Eleni are one of the most multitalented people I know and after looking and feeling the construction of their works, you can't help but long for a piece. You will definitely feel like a million bux!

Me with the amazing and hard working Roderick Ning
Having an intense conversation, with Rod and Eleni

The MASTER/SLAVE section at Fashion Weekend. This would definitely make the perfect wardrobe
Isn't this jacket just amazing! The texture felt wonderful and the cut was perfect. I just had to take that one extra picture to devour over. This jacket makes your heart melt
Notice how original each pair looks

The shoes had bold colours, prints and design They definitely had the WOW factor

If you love MASTER/SLAVE as much as I do, click HERE

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