Monday, May 17, 2010

A Captured Moment of My Life

This here is an image of me with my brother on Mothers Day trying to catch bubbles that had been blown into the air

It's approximately 11:00pm in Sydney and the weather is really dewy outside. It's actually kind of calming and I can't help but muse and mesmerise about my days

Whether it's the silent rain or the eerie silence that has covered my house, I can't help but think of the special moments experienced by individuals day to day. I'm just feeling so invigorated and inspired right now. It is during these moments where all I want to do is take a picture, smile and stare.

As you could have probably tell, one of my biggest loves in life is Photography. The feeling of capturing those spectacular moments with a click of a button is by far one of the most amazing feelings ever. Photography shows me a different vision of my surroundings and gives me the opportunity to creatively execute the world through a click of a button. I find it an exhilirating experience and I can't help but fall in love with every image and moment I get to capture.

Photography gives me the opportunity to bring my ideas to life. I may not be a professional photographer, nor am I a qualified photographer....but what I do know, is photography is what i LOVE. It plays a big part in my life and it always will.

Through this blog, I will continue to photographically display my stylistic and design projects I have been working on and most importantly....the special moments which have been photographically taken off to last a lifetime.


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