Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fashion Weekend

The wall entrance at Fashion Weekend
Napolean Perdis representatives showcased make up tips on this very stage
The fashonistas at the Mink Pink section of the Royal Hall
Evil Twin and Staple
Samantha Wills attracted a large crowd! She had the most amazing designs of rings and bangles! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Fashion Weekend had been an amazing experience with stalls of different designers showcasing their creations to the public. Unfortunately I only have a limited collection of photographs as I was constantly stopped by security. I wasn't allowed to take any photographs with a DSLR because I didn't have a media pass.

However, like all fashionistas who fight to get that one piece of garment from a crazy crowd of bargain hunters, security couldn't stop me from photographing the amazing MASTER/SLAVE. I got the chance to capture a moment with one of the most inspiring couture designers: MASTER/SLAVE which I will be posting up very soon. Do watch this space!

There is still one more day of Fashion Weekend, to find out more visit:


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