Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fast and Glamorous: Fashion Runway

The Lifeline Charity Event showcased a Fashion Runway Show featuring: Peep toe shoes, Funkis, Secret Squirrel, George, Amorette, George Elsissa and Master/slave.

Each designer played an important aspect in this event to support Lifeline. Not only are they talented, but they definitely showed support for the cause.

You will see from the following images how amazing each piece is. My heart was pumping and my my eyes were shot frozen to the runway. I get a rush of excitement everytime I see such beautiful innovative creations. I fell in love with one piece after another and I never wanted it to end!

If you would like to know more about Lifeline. click HERE

This was an amazing white couture dress by George Elsissa. The line, shape, body and ruffles were so well constructed and symmetrical. This dress had an amazing layed trail which looked beautiful when she turned to walk backstage

This dress was one of George Elsissa's eye popping pieces. It had an amazing trail with beautiful black flower sequins adorning the garment. The colour of the dress definitely complemented the model's skintone
George Elsissa portrayed punk rock glamour in this number with it's sexy black ruffled one strap shoulder. It's a very youthful piece that looks both fun and classy!

It looks like George Elsissa can't get enough of ruffles with this couture number. I'm loving the ruffled shoulders and tied in waist. Gorgeous!

The back of this dress was amazing
George Elsissa
This is another creation by George Elsissa. I'm really loving the ruffles he put into his work. This one is definitely a show stopper

This dress is by George Fashion Company. It reminded me of fresh lilies, my favourite flower. The colours were so bright and the dress fabric looked so flowy and comfortable

I was loving the purple in this MASTER/SLAVE couture dress. The bodice was absolutely spectacular with it's intrinsic design which linked to the one sided shoulder. Im not sure if you guys can see, but on the side of the dress you will see a rose constructed out of fabric. It's so creative! It's always the small things that really get me excited and this definitely did!

This is a MASTER/SLAVE number from the COLOURSHOCK Couture Collection. I am definitely loving the colour, its cheerful, fun and very Summer. The flow of the dress makes it look so comfortable; this dress will definitely turn heads!

This MASTER/SLAVE v-neck piece was very simple and bold. I loved the mix of bright colours. The hot pink finishing and draped armholes added a soft touch to this show-stopping outfit

This MASTER/SLAVE piece looked amazing with black laser cut petals holding the zebra printed dress up. It had great volume and the perfect trail for a Summer's day!

Another piece from MASTER/SLAVE's couture collection included this neutral number. It screams class and power with its beautiful one shoulder ruffle. I love how each colour complements the next. It's absolutely beautiful!

I loved this skirt, by Amorette. It was bold with the perfect contrast!

The dazzling dress is from the Secret Squirrel Collection! The gold reminds me of casino royale. Very rich and classy!
This is another Secret Squirrel Number. I love the flower patterns on this dress. It's very vintage and simple
The models were wearing these clogs by Funkis throughout the first runway.

I loved this print. Horses running around this flowing dress. Beautiful for a casual summers day.

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