Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fast and Glamorous: Lifeline Charity Event

Last night I attended the Fast and Glamorous Photography Charity Event to raise money for Lifeline.

Lifeline is a charity dedicated to preventing suicide, as it is the leading cause of death for Australians. There are more the 2000 people dying each year due to suicide and Lifeline has taken action to save thousands of sufferers. Despite this, more work still needs to be done!

The theme of the event featured 1960 Mercedes sports cars and models wearing high end fashion and casual wear by talented fashion designers.

The designers all played their part in the event by adorning the models with their amazing creations across a runway catwalk.

It was an amazing night, everyone was having a relaxing time and I got the chance to capture all of this one photograph at a time.

Thanks to Simone Cozen (the organiser of the event), I was given access to photograph the models, make up artist, hairdressers and stylist backstage, as well as the fashion catwalk itself!

So stay tuned as I share my experiences and visions with more photographs and posts about Lifeline.

Designer Racks backstage
I absolutely love sequins. These pieces were so detailed
The hairdressers at work!

Everyone was all smiles!
Putting her groove on before the show

There is still so much more to come so watch this space


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