Sunday, July 11, 2010

Alexa Chung - Style Inspiration

Over the next couple of posts, you will find photo after photo of style inspiration from the celebrities and names I adore. After having a crazy 3 month shopping spree here in Sydney, I started to get lost through the clutter of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories I had purchased.

I stood in front of a very full and long wardrobe of clothes today, not knowing what to wear. I'm sure we've all had one of those days and it boy was it frustrating! I felt like I had writer block.

So rather than complaining about my current problem, I thought this was the perfect moment to find style inspiration from the celebrities, models and names that I adore and share it with readers. Sometimes, surfing the net, browsing blogs and stalking celebrities is all you need to get that fashion mojo back!

I am absolutely in love with Alexa Chung's ever so casual chic look. She always looks so effortlessly sophisticated and casual at the same time. From her free flowing hair down to her spidery long legs, Alexa's got a story to tell in all her outfits. She is the definition of Fashion Simplicity!

I'm loving this contrasted navy and white star top. It is definitely the piece that speaks to you first. Check out how she rolled her blouse and grey cardigan together. Something so small can do oh so much.

I am loving this feminine bikey look. Alexa is really into shapes and prints to make one part of her outfit. In this case the free flowing chiffon polka dot skirt, really complements her jacket and sunnies. This is definitely Bold and Beautiful.
Here, she is playing with both prints and texture. She looks so snug in that jumper against a skirt she could easily pull of if she goes to an event.

I am absolutely loving short boots and long socks rite now....especially cable knit socks.
Again, Alexa finds a bold print through scarves to make her outfit work. I am loving the grey man blazer here. She looks so comfortable
I am really loving the lace. It reminds me of a young ballerina girl - contemporised ofcourse! This looks amazing with the black stockings and shoes.
At a Perrier Event. Alexa looks simple and classic in this number, with overlaying necklaces finishing this classic look.

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