Saturday, November 20, 2010

Disney Couture Collection - Believe

As a child, I grew up believing in dragons, princesses, fairytales, pirates, wicked witches, the frog prince and beautiful castles with fireworks igniting every night! I lived a childhood filled with story telling, dreams and imagination! Life was so simple...

I'm sure like a lot of people I know, Disney films had a major impact on them whilst growing up. Disney made me believe the impossible! It brought me to a world of sparkly lights and possibilities. With my busy schedule, I forgot those moments existed until I saw a little girl in a snow white costume at the local shopping mall. It made me realise that those moments can still be apparent if I want it to be, most importantly .... I had the chance to believe

Disney isn't limited to childhood dreams, as a much older individual, I can still have the moment to reminisce the past experiences with the Disney Couture Collection. I don't understand how this had surpassed me but my heart melted when I saw the collection. Each piece is plated in 14ct gold and represents a Disney Film.

I discovered these pieces on ASOS and are currently in my cart, getting ready to purchased right now. I'm so so so EXCITED!!!


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