Saturday, November 13, 2010

An ASOS Obsession

Pretty jewels, intricate belts, soft fabric, long flowly dresses, structured proportions and a step into a head turning room: welcome to my obsession of the online shopping world of ASOS!

I was never one to shop online when it came to clothes. I was the kind of person that needed to be involved in the whole process of buying an item where I had to feel the garment on me before a purchase. To figure out whether it was going to be a love/hate relationship based on my first bond with an item. Then, a good friend of mine introduced me to ASOS.

The moment I started browsing the store, it felt like love for the first time! I was drawn to the screen and I couldn't get enough! Page after page of beautiful garments...suitable for absolutely ANY occasion!

It was hard to say NO to purchasing! So I did it!. As a trial, I started of ordering 5 items as a part of me was still concerned about sizing, fabric and feel.

The day my order had arrived, I was unravelling the item like a kid on christmas day! I was so excited! To my surprise, everything fit perfectly and the fabric...AMAZING!

I have jumped on the ASOS bandwagon and I'm never heading off.

So I thought I'd share this site for those who are interested in taking a piece of asos:


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